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We're serving up traditional favorites every day and offering innovative, new dishes that will leave you looking forward to your next visit. The vision of Chef Salah, Joey's Café is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch, or lunch with family and friends in Oklahoma City Metro area including Edmond. With a focus on simple, fresh ingredients, our food does not disappoint.
In addition to our food, we pride ourselves on customer service. Everyone works hard to make sure that each customer is treated like family, creating a fun, relaxing environment. Come, enjoy a great meal at your second home.

Salah Omaira, CMC, is a chef-entrepreneur and businessman as well as a family man! Above all, he is an American legacy Patriate Master Chef and a visionary of the culinary industry. Salah was a mathematician, physicist, and biochemist. He then redirected his scientific knowledge to his passion for cooking, which was always his gift. His scientific expertise helped make him a Certified Master Chef in his 20s! He always felt a love for food and everything God put on earth to feed His people. While traveling the globe, Salah was a troubleshooter for major hotel chains. He began his culinary career as an Executive Chef at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. A creative visionary, Chef Salah stood out with because out his ability to predict food trends before they occurred. Joey’s Cafe is simply true, healthy fresh food. Salah is a true American Master Chef who does everything from his heart! After working in the private sector, he decided to open his restaurant, giving back to the state and city he calls home, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dear guests, Joey’s Cafe is our baby. Here we give customers an upscale dining experience for breakfast brunch that others limit to their dinner. The restaurant also offers the best upscale, country club style catering! No matter your order, you are guaranteed quality fresh food made with the best ingredients. Joey’s Cafe and Joey’s Food Company, which has expanded to Georgia, are our way of offering healthy, fresh meals while saying thank you to our customers for their support. We would not be here without you.

Salah Omaira, CMC
Master Chef

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